"The Lion Roars Again: Modern Britain - A Portrait of Resilience and Reinvention" sounds like a compelling title for a book or perhaps a documentary exploring the contemporary state of Britain, focusing on its ability to adapt, persevere, and innovate in the face of challenges. The title suggests a narrative of resurgence and revitalization, portraying Britain as a dynamic and resilient nation.

Such a work might delve into various aspects of British society, economy, culture, and politics, highlighting instances of adaptation, transformation, and resilience. It could examine how Britain has navigated through significant historical events, economic downturns, social changes, and political shifts, emerging stronger and more resilient each time.

Themes that might be explored could include:

Economic Resilience: Analyzing Britain's ability to weather economic storms, adapt to globalization, and innovate in industries ranging from finance and technology to manufacturing and creative arts.

Social Resilience: Examining how British society has evolved in response to demographic changes, immigration, multiculturalism, and social justice movements, and how it has managed to maintain cohesion and inclusivity.

Political Resilience: Investigating Britain's political system, its adaptability to changing global dynamics, challenges such as Brexit, and the resilience of democratic institutions.

Cultural Resilience: Exploring the resilience and reinvention of British culture, including literature, art, music, film, and popular culture, and how it has responded to globalization and technological advancements.

Environmental Resilience: Considering Britain's efforts to address environmental challenges, such as climate change and sustainability, and its resilience in the face of natural disasters and ecological crises.

Overall, "The Lion Roars Again" suggests a narrative of optimism and renewal, portraying Britain as a nation capable of overcoming adversity and thriving in an ever-changing world.