G-SHOCK's GAB001 series with an all-new, integrated bezel and band construction, and the DWB5600G series with transparent gradation coloring. Both collections feature enhanced Bluetooth capabilities.

The GAB001 series will be available in four colors including G-SHOCK's black brand color and a new shade of red. The DWB5600G silhouette will be offered in three different colors with a gradient design. The GAB001 timepiece emphasizes a redesigned structure that fuses with the bezel and band for comfortable wearability and highlights the series' futuristic vision.

The GAB001 offers a restructured look to the G-SHOCK standard design with a new sense of scientific toughness and a future-oriented form based on technology. The timepiece's emphasis on unity with the body is evident through the integrated structure of the bezel and band that allows the watch to fit the wrist better than ever before.

For the first time, with the introduction of the GAB001, G-SHOCK will also adopt a downsized cutting glass as an adhesive method, therefore reducing the size of the watch by 6mm. This innovation will allow customers to experience a refined fit and feel that could not be seen in a G-SHOCK profile until now.