At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Dubai, during the Huawei Global Electric Power Summit themed "Unleash Digital and Create New Value for Electric Power", Huawei released the White Paper on Electric Power Communication All-Optical Network Architecture and Technologies to facilitate the digital transformation of the electric power industry.

Jason Li, Director of Marketing & Solutions Sales, Huawei Electric Power Digitalization Business Unit, gave a speech in which he emphasized that the power communication network is the basis for automatic power grid dispatching, market-oriented network operations, and modernized management. He also noted that such a network is an important means to ensure secure, stable, and economical operations of the power grid as well as the core infrastructure of the power system. The White Paper, released by Huawei, describes how to build an intelligent optical base for power communication networks based on the all-optical architecture. It also aims to help the electric power industry cope with digital challenges, meet technical requirements for digital transformation, and accelerate digital transformation.