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Thread: Warm banks to get cash from Welsh government

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    Warm banks to get cash from Welsh government

    A fund worth ?1m will be provided by the Welsh government to organisations providing "warm banks" this winter.

    First Minister Mark Drakeford said the cash will be made available to support community centres, sports clubs and others.

    Household energy bills will rise to ?2,500 a year from 1 October, in part due to reductions in Russian gas exports during the war in Ukraine.

    The UK government is planning to cap average bills to ?2,500 until 2024.

    Concern over whether people will be able to heat their homes this winter has led to proposals across the UK of community spaces offering facilities where people can go to stay warm.

    In the Senedd, Mr Drakeford said it was "very difficult to believe that we have reached the point where community councils, faith groups, sports clubs, community centres are having to plan to prevent people from facing extreme fuel poverty this winter".

    "And while we applaud these efforts, motivated as they are by a determination to make a difference, every organisation I have met has told me they wish it wasn't need."

    It is not clear at this stage how the funding would work.

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    The Welsh government has announced that it will provide 1 million to support warm banks this winter. Warm banks are safe places with the heating on, where people can go to get warm in the winter if they cannot afford to heat their homes.
    The funding will be available to community centres, sports clubs, and other organisations that are already providing warm bank services. It will also be available to new organisations that want to set up warm banks.
    The Welsh government says that the funding is part of its commitment to tackling fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is a situation where a household cannot afford to heat their home to a decent standard. It is estimated that around 500,000 households in Wales are in fuel poverty.
    The 1 million funding is a welcome boost for warm banks. It will help to ensure that more people have access to these vital services this winter.
    Here are some of the benefits of warm banks:

    • They can help to prevent people from getting sick due to cold temperatures.
    • They can provide a safe and warm place for people to go during the winter months.
    • They can help to reduce fuel poverty.
    • They can build community spirit.

    The Welsh government's decision to provide funding for warm banks is a positive step towards tackling fuel poverty and helping people to stay warm this winter.
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