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Thread: Gamers face price rise on PS5 but not Switch

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    Gamers face price rise on PS5 but not Switch

    Gamers looking to buy a new console face a price rise if they want a Sony PlayStation 5, but not if they choose a Nintendo Switch.

    PS5s will cost an extra ?30 in the UK, with EU consoles going up by ?50 (?42) and Canadian consoles by CAD $20 (?13).

    Sony is increasing its console prices because of inflation, it says, but Nintendo says that despite rising costs, its prices will stay the same.

    Meanwhile, PC gamers may soon be able to save money on their hardware.

    Jensen Huang, chief executive of tech company Nvidia, said the company had overproduced graphics cards, which have been in short supply in recent years.

    "Our strategy is to sell in well below the current sell-through levels in the marketplace to give the channel an opportunity to correct," he said, according to the Verge.

    This could mean the price of high-end graphics cards, including the RTX 3000 series, and gaming laptops falling.

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    Sony's PlayStation 5 consoles are going up in price, while the price of a Nintendo Switch is staying the same.

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