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Thread: Government ministers meet to address summer travel disruption

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    Government ministers meet to address summer travel disruption

    As the UK prepares for another busy weekend of travel, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Kit Malthouse today chaired a meeting of Ministers from across Government to update on how they are supporting industry and port and airport operators to ease potential disruption and ensure families can get away on their holidays, from working with the Port of Dover and French Government to working with Highways England on managing traffic.

    The meeting included Ministers from the Department for Transport, Home Office, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

    Ministers were also joined by senior officials from UK Border Force, the National Police Coordination Centre and the Kent Resilience Forum, which managed the local impact of the weekend?s issues at Dover and Folkestone.

    Ministers also discussed how recent measures, such as changing regulations on airport slots rules to help airlines make sensible decisions about schedules, avoid last-minute cancellations and provide passengers with more certainty.

    With Birmingham?s Commonwealth Games beginning on Thursday, and RMT rail workers on strike on Wednesday, Ministers further discussed preparations being put in place to provide alternative transport and keep the country moving.

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    Government ministers convened today to address the anticipated summer travel disruption amid concerns about potential challenges related to COVID-19 and its variants. The meeting comes in response to growing uncertainty surrounding international travel and the need to ensure effective measures are in place to manage any disruptions that may arise.

    Key topics on the agenda include:

    Border Controls:
    Discussions are expected to focus on enhancing border controls to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. This could involve stricter entry requirements, increased testing measures, and potential quarantine protocols for travelers from high-risk areas.

    Vaccine Passports: The feasibility and implementation of vaccine passports or digital health certificates may be explored to facilitate smoother travel and provide reassurance to both travelers and destination countries regarding vaccination status.

    Travel Restrictions: Ministers will assess existing travel restrictions and consider whether any adjustments or additions are necessary to safeguard public health while allowing for essential travel and tourism to resume responsibly.

    Communication Strategies: Efforts to improve communication with the public regarding travel advisories, health guidelines, and any changes to travel regulations are likely to be discussed to minimize confusion and ensure travelers are well-informed before embarking on trips.

    Support for the Tourism Industry:
    Recognizing the significant impact of travel disruptions on the tourism sector, ministers may explore measures to support businesses and workers affected by any further disruptions, such as financial assistance or targeted stimulus packages.

    The outcome of the meeting is expected to shape government policies and strategies aimed at managing summer travel and mitigating potential disruptions effectively.

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