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Thread: South Wales police left residents

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    South Wales police left residents

    A police force left residents “in danger, at risk and unprotected” for a “protracted period” during a riot in which cars were set on fire and bricks were hurled at houses, leaving people fearing for their lives, an independent review has concluded.

    The chief constable of South Wales police, Jeremy Vaughan, apologised that his force had failed to act quickly enough during the disturbance in Swansea and accepted residents had been “tormented” by the rioters.

    The independent review of the Mayhill disturbance, which happened in May 2021, highlighted that scores of officers were in the area but stood by, rather than tackling the rioters. It also said that one officer in charge that night twice asked for extra police to be scrambled from other areas as backup but was refused.
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    Residents of South Wales have claimed that their local police force has left them feeling abandoned. The force is said to have become increasingly militarized in recent years, with officers carrying firearms and making few arrests. In a region where poverty is rife, some residents say they feel like the police are not there to help them. The allegations have led to calls for the police to be reformed.

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