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Thread: Bayer launches FieldMate agri-tech app for faster decision making

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    Bayer launches FieldMate agri-tech app for faster decision making

    World leading innovators in crop safety bayer crop technological know-how is supplying the agriculture zone with extra get entry to to valuable statistics, information and content with the launch of its new fieldmate app.

    With the aid of transferring its famous first-generation app onto a brand new platform the blessings to customers are instant, and will permit destiny innovation for tech-enabled crop protection aid.

    A vital aid for growers to diagnose issues out inside the subject, from identifying pests and potentially unfavorable weeds to diseased crops, fieldmate is the brand new virtual device in bayer

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    Bayer has launched an agri-tech app called FieldMate that is designed to make faster decision making in the agricultural industry. The app allows users to input data from different sources, including weather forecasts, crop data, and soil tests, and to create models that can help them make better decisions about their crops. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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